This site contains an extensive glossary of terms (electronics dictionary) for the sound engineer.

Definitions from Absorption to Axis, from from Baffles to Byte, from Cable to Cyclic Redundancy, from dB to Dynamic Mic, from Early Reflections to Expansion, from Face to Fundamental, from Gain to Guitar Processor, from Haas Effect to Hz (Hertz), from IC to Isolation Booth/ Isolation Room, from Jack to Joystick, K to Kilo, from Layering to Lower Toms, from Machine Head to Mute Switch, from NAB to Nyquest Rate, from Octave to Overtones, from Pad to PZM, from Q to Quarter Track, from Rack to Run Off, from Safe to System Exclusive Bulk Dump, from Tablature to Two Way Speaker, from m to Upper Toms, from Vacuum Tube to VU Meter (VU – Volume Unit), from Wah Wah to Write Protect, from XLR to XY Micing, Y-cord, Zenith and Zero dB.

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