From Gain to Guitar Processor


1) Knob usually found at the top of each input channel on the soundboard. Used to set input levels of the separate channels to relatively equal positions.
2) The amount of increase in audio signal strength, often expressed in dB.

Gain Control
A device that changes the gain of an amplifier or circuit, often a knob that can be turned or a slide that can be moved up arid down.

Gain Reduction
The working of a limiter or compressor reducing gain during high-level passages.

Gain Structure
The way in which the gain varies in the stages or sections of an audio system.

A dynamic processing device that turns a channel off or down when the signal drops below a certain level.

Generating Element
The portion of the microphone that actually converts the movement of the diaphragm into electrical current or voltage changes.

A term used to describe the number of times that the recorded audio signal has been copied.

Golden Section
A ratio of height to width to length of a room to achieve “good acoustics” and first recommended by the ancient Greeks. The ratio is approximately the width 1.6 times the height and the length 2.6 times the height

In electronics, a place (terminal) that has zero volts.

Ground Adapter Plug
Adapts a three pronged electrical plug to a two pronged wall outlet. This bypasses the ground and may create a hum in the system. A lack of a good ground can cause mild electrical shock when touching a microphone.

Graphic Equalizer
An device with several slides controlling the gain of audio signal present which is within one of several evenly spaced frequency bands (spaced according to octaves).

Ground Lift
A switch that breaks the connection between the ground point in one circuit and the ground point in another circuit.

Ground Lifter
An adapter that takes a three prong power cord and plugs into a two prong outlet, used to disconnect the third (ground) pin of the power outlet. WARNING: It can be VERY DANGEROUS to have no ground connection to the case by using a ground lifter and not grounding the unit by other means.

Ground Loop
A double grounding of a line or electronic device at two different “ground” points of differing voltage.

1) A number of channels or faders that can be controlled by one Master VCA slide.
2) A shortening of the term Recording Group (a buss or the signal present on a buss).

Group Faders
The VCA faders of individual channels that are all controlled by a Group Master Fader (a slide control used to send out a control voltage to several VCA faders in individual channels).

Group Master
A slide control used to send out a control voltage to several VCA faders in individual channels, thus controlling the gain of several channels.

1) Controlling the gain of several individual channels with a Group Fader.
2) The mixing together of several individual audio signals to send a mixed signal out of the console to record a track on a multitrack tape machine.

Guitar Controller
An electric guitar or device played like an electric guitar that puts out MIDI signals that can be used to control synthesizers and sound modules.

Guitar Processor
A unit that will add effects to a direct guitar signal, including a simulated instrument amplifier sound and (often) delay and reverb effects.

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