Definitions Jack to Joystick


1) Anywhere you plug something in.
2) Segmented audio connector. Mono Jacks have two connections – tip and sleeve, and are unbalanced. Stereo jacks have three connections – tip, ring and sleeve. B-type jacks (also known as Bantam jacks) were originally designed for use in telephone exchanges and provide a high quality (and expensive) connection in jackfields. A-type jacks are cheaper and more common, but more fragile. A type jacks are available in 2 sizes : quarter inch and eighth inch.
3) A connector mounted on the case of a device or on a panel.

Jack Bay
A series of jacks which have connections for most of the inputs and outputs of the equipment in the control room.

Jam Sync
A generation of new SMPTE according to the input SMPTE signal

1) A quad pan pot which distributes what percentage of on signal is sent to each of 4 outputs.
2) A control that is separately controlling two functions at one time.