From NAB to Nyquest Rate


An abbreviation for the National Association of Broadcasters

A prefix meaning one-billionth.

Nano-Webers Per Meter
The standard unit in measuring the amount of magnetic energy.

The spoken word from a person not seen on the screen that gives various information.

Narrow Band Noise
Noise (random energy) over a limited frequency range.

National Association of Broadcasters
An association that has adopted standards, including the standardization of the record equalization used in tape recording.

Near Field
The area up to one foot from the sound source.

Neck Width at Nut
The width of the neck where the nut is located. This area is where the neck is at its shortest width.

The opposite of positive.

Negative Feedback
A portion of the output signal that is feed to the input (of an amplifier), out of phase.

Noise Gate
A piece of sound processing equipment that reduces background noise by muting a sound signal when it falls below a certain level, restoring it when the level increases again. Must be used on vocal microphones with care, because it may cut the signal off, although the vocalist is still singing quietly. Also known as an Expander.

1) A random energy that contains energy at all audio frequencies.
2) Any unintentional or objectionable signal added to an audio signal.

Noise Filter
A filter used which passes only signals with the intended audio frequencies thus eliminating noise signals at other frequencies.

Noise Floor
The level of the noise, in dB, below the signal.

Noise Gate
A gate used to turn off an audio channel when noise but not signal is present.

Noise Reduction
Any device to remove noise in a device or system.

Used with microphones to mean the same thing as the term Omni-Directional (picking up from all directions).

Non- Destructive Editing
The action in Digital Disk Audio Recording, where the playback of the digital audio is programmed to play certain portions and not others.

The condition of obtaining a change at the output of the device which is not proportional to the change occurring at the input, causing distortion.

Switches on the patch jacks that connect certain jacks together until a patch cord is inserted.

1) To provide normal switches on a jack.
2) To reset a synthesizer, sound module or sample playback unit to the original settings that were present from the factory.
3) To adjust the level of a selection so that the highest peak is at the maximum recording level of the medium.
4) In computers, to format a floppy disc.

Normalizing Jacks
Switches on the patch jacks that connect certain jacks together until a patch cord is inserted.

A narrow band of audio frequencies.

Notch Filter
A device that rejects signals that have frequencies within a narrow band of audio frequencies and passes all other signals.

The point on the guitar neck where the strings touch the neck and join the headstock.

1) A condition of zero energy or movement.
2) In console automation, the placement of the slide of a fader to the exact point that was originally used to make the automated mix.

An abbreviation of Nano-Webers Per Meter (the standard unit in measuring the amount of magnetic energy).

One half byte, 4 information bits.

Nyquest Frequency
The highest frequency that can be recorded and reproduced properly by a particular sampling rate (a frequency that is one-half the sampling rate).

Nyquest Rate
The lowest sampling rate that can be used to record and reproduce a given audio frequency.